Short description:

Ultra-fast CAN controller card for the connection of PCs with PCI-slot to the CAN bus.

The device is a PCI-card with 2 galvanically isolated CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898. Being fully compatible to PCI-specification 2.2, it can be used with any PC-system that has an unoccupied PCI-slot. Both active CAN controllers offer 15 message objects each and comply with FullCAN.

There is a Freescale Coldfire microcontroller with 32 Bit integrated that is operated in 16 Bit  demultiplexed mode for an optimal cooperation between micro-controller and PCI104 controllers. Several features help you save time. The integrated programmable chip-select logic selects peripheral  components like RAM and flash and a bootstrap-loader enables an easy download of firmware components.

Even complex fieldbus-controlling tasks can easily be handled with 8 MB RAM and 2 MB flash memory.
There is no need for an external programming power supply, the flash memory is supplied with 5 V for
writing and deleting. The flash also contains the firmware which can be updated via bootstrap-loader.

CAN interface
2 galvanically isolated CAN channels with a transfer rate of up to 1 MBit/s provide the necessary controlling power. In addition to that there are 2 active 2.0B CAN controller implemented that allow a mixed mode with 11 Bit and 29 Bit identifiers. The CAN interface complies with ISO 11898 standard as well as DS 301 and 401.

Error frame detection
This feature allows surveillance and monitoring of a CAN network. The PowerCAN card possesses an own
logic for detecting error frames and counting them up in a specific internal memory area. That is used for
finding intermittent errors like falsified messages of a CAN participant.