Visualisatzion and monitoring from Sontheim

Visualization and monitoring

Visualization, monitoring and control – in the age of digitalization, ever higher and more specific demands are placed on these factors. With our future-oriented solutions in this area, there requirements can be met efficiently and reliably. By supporting standards, the systems can be designed openly and used flexibly.

With the help of our Modular Diagnostic Toolchain, test sequences can be defined, performed and monitored on the basis of diagnostic standards. We also have other software solutions, such as CANexplorer 4 for effective fieldbus monitoring. The modularity and intuitive handling allow flexible use and a wide range of actions.

MDT 2.0 - Modular Diagnostic Toolchain for the creation of complex diagnostic applications

MDT® 2.0

Next generation modular diagnostic tool for creating complex diagnostic applications. Based on ODX and OTX standard, and an MCD-3D server.

  • ODX 2.2.1 according to ISO 22901-1
  • OTX according to ISO 13209
  • Multi platform support (PC application, mobile application, embedded application)
CANexplorer 4 - modular software for CAN bus diagnostics

CANexplorer 4

Don’t lose any time during CAN bus diagnostics and benefit from the modular software for acquisition, processing, display and transmission of CAN data.

  • Fieldbus analysis tool
  • User-defined measurement setups
  • Receive, process, send and abstract
  • J1939 and CANopen protocol support