Vision & Mission

Bruno Sontheim


“As an established brand for electronics and application software, our solutions make us one of the most inno­vative and attractive system pro­viders in Germany. Our cus­to­mers ap­pre­ciate us for our stra­tegic fore­sight, the tech­nol­ogies we use, our re­lia­bil­ity and our excellent service.” – CEO and Senator of the german economy Dipl. Ing. (FH) Bruno Sontheim.


In our guiding principles, we have established clear rules on how our vi­sion of glo­bal mar­ket cover­age and po­sit­io­ning as a com­pe­tent supplier of in­no­vat­ive elec­tronics is to be im­ple­men­ted. Long-term partner­ships based on trust and respect, coupled with con­ti­nuous im­prove­ment, sus­tain­a­bil­ity and di­versi­fi­ca­tion, form the basis for con­sis­tency and growth for all parties in­volved in the value creation process. Sontheim is the driving force behind this!

Sontheim mission