EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses
EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses
EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses
EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses
EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses
EvoPrint - the printing system for seamless integration into existing proccesses


The printing system en­ables seam­less in­te­gra­tion in­to ex­is­ting pro­ces­ses – com­plet­ely with­out chan­ging the pro­duc­tion se­quen­ces.

Key Features

  • Active speed compensation
  • Printing during positive or negative acceleration
  • Software & firmware updates in the field via LAN
  • HP Inkjet Technology
  • Robust aluminium housing


The requirement
Do you want an industrial printing system that can be quickly, easily and completely inte­gra­ted into your pro­duc­tion proces­ses? Do you want pro­fes­sional print­ing results, re­gard­less of the materials used and the print­ing speed?

The elegant solution
EvoPrint® enables seamless integration of an industrial printing system into an existing machine without changing the production process. With a maximum print speed of up to 180 m/min or 3 m/s at 300 dpi re­so­lution, EvoPrint® is thus sig­nif­i­cant­ly faster than con­vent­ional print­ing systems. Even during acceleration, precise printing is still pos­sible. The active speed com­pen­sa­tion pre­vents dis­tor­tion or tearing of text and print images. At the same time, the direction recognition prevents data from being printed twice. You save process time and material costs! EvoPrint® provides software tools that can be fully integrated into the interface without the need for another PC-based interface in the machine. For print data transfer, EvoPrint® is simply connected to the existing user interface via LAN/Ethernet. EvoPrint® is then controlled via fieldbus interfaces such as EtherCAT or CAN, standard Ethernet and in­cre­mental encoders.

EvoPrint® has been tested and proven in practice. Close cooperation with our cus­tomers, combined with our know-how as a sys­tem inte­gra­tor, enables us to offer tailor-made sys­tem so­lu­tions for a wide range of app­li­ca­tions in the various industrial sectors within a very short time.

Extension options

  • Power reserves even for complex applications
  • 32-bit microprocessor with 200 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM and 32 MB Flash on board

Flexible application possibilities

  • No change in the production process
  • Mounting on static or moving axes
  • Printing of text, 1D & 2D barcodes and graphics

Highest quality

  • 300 dpi at a printing speed of 180 m/min
  • Active speed compensation
  • Direction detection
  • Printing technology based on HP Inkjet Technology

Future-proof through innovative tech­nology

  • EtherCAT, CAN bus, standard Ethernet and incremental encoder
  • Software tools for integration into existing application software

Technical Data

CPUPowerful 32-bit microprocessor with 200 MHz clock frequency; Fast FPGA to control the cartridges
Storage32 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM on board
Connections1× RJ45 LAN 100 Mbit IEEE 802.3
2× RJ45 (EtherCAT or CAN)
2× Incremental (Encoder) Interface (D-Sub9)
1× Supply voltage 9-pole phoenix
4× Digital outputs (Ub –0,5 V)
1× RS232 (D-Sub9)
Control panel/membrane keyboard4 navigation keys for menu operation, 6× status LED for EtherCAT/CAN and LAN
LCDLCD display with 2× 8 characters for device status, error code display, filling level alarm
SpeedMaximum print speed up to 180 m/min at 300 dpi resolution
Print distance< 2 mm
Print heightmax. 5 cm in one print process
Installation optionsStatic or moving axes
Number of cartridges4× HP Inkjet Technology
Supported cartridges

C8842A versatile black, Q2344A SPS1918 DYE BlackC6168A, C6169A, C6170A and C6173A Spot Color (red, green, blue and yellow) VP90-E (UV curing), others on request

Average droplet size26–29 pl (depending on the ink used)
Bulk system managementSupply via 1 of 2 bulk tanks for continuous printing of large jobs
Cartridge managementCartridge calibration (pre-warming, spitting, pulse width, voltage)
SoftwareVarious software tools for configuration and integration into existing applications
Easily programmable 32-bit API (DLL)
FeaturesPrinting during positive or negative acceleration
Active speed compensation (no warping or tearing of the printed image!)
Direction detection (positive, negative)
Software/Firmware Update in the field via LAN
Dust protected
Dimensions (l×w×h)187 mm × 114 mm × 218 mm 
Protection class housingIP52
Weightapprox. 3.3 kg
Rel. humidity during printing10 % – 80 % non-condensing
Rel. bearing humidity10 % – 80 % non-condensing
Operating temperature during printing+10°C up to +40°C
Storage temperature+10°C up to +30°C
Power supply30 V DC (±5 %)

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