IoT gateways and interfaces of Sontheim

IoT gateways and interfaces

The high-performance gateways and CAN interfaces from Sontheim enable the un­com­pli­ca­ted networking of con­trol­lers, devices and bus systems in in­dus­trial en­vir­on­ments. Inte­grated dia­gnos­tic func­tions enable au­to­no­mous trou­ble­shoo­ting. Ad­dit­ional ex­ten­sions and con­nec­tions to CAN net­works can be created with our CAN interface cards.

With our IoT gateway, you can master the simple and flex­ible transition to intel­ligent auto­mation systems and be Industry 4.0 ready – without high in­vest­ments or redesign of the plant sys­tem. With the IoT Device Manager, a cloud-based platform, you can smartly manage and monitor field devices in real time. This is how you create the all-round package for your Internet of Things.



Gateways for com­mu­ni­ca­tion, con­fi­gur­a­tion and con­trol tasks of in­dus­trial app­li­cations.

  • CAN-to-Ethernet gateway
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Active resistance measure­ment
  • Robust aluminium housing
CAN interfaces

CAN interfaces

The CAN inter­faces are all com­pact in de­sign and offer USB, LAN and WLAN inter­faces for con­nec­tion to a ser­vice PC, laptop or tablet.

  • Up to 4 galv. isolated CAN interfaces
  • Interfaces on WLAN, LAN or USB
  • Integrated data log­ger and diagnostic functions
  • Low-speed variants
CAN interface cards

CAN interface cards

The Sontheim interface cards en­able field bus func­tio­nal­i­ties such as CAN or serial inter­faces.

  • Error frame detection
  • Wide range of interfaces
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • High- or Low-speed interface equipment
IoT Device Manager - cloud based platform

IoT Device Manager

Cloud based plat­form for man­aging your de­vices in the field

  • Management of all IoT-units
  • Drag and drop func­tio­nal­ity
  • Managing over-the-air-updates

Case Studies - Connectivity

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