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Professional Articles

We automate mobile and stationary applications, future-proof, robust and scalable. We also offer the suitable diagnostics and connectivity solutions for your machines and systems. Our systems are based on standards and a modular system. We keep the special features of customer-specific appli­cations in mind.

Our systems are certified and tested accordingly. In the following professional articles you will get a deeper insight into our technologies. Read already published articles and download them for free. We will be happy to provide you with further information. Please feel free to contact our sales department.

SPS - Control technology of the future

Is this the control technoloy of the future?

SPS – Edition 03/2021

The tension in mechanical and plant engineering between the goals of constant cost and process optimization on the one hand and increasingly deep networking and digitization on the other hand creates major challenges for decision-makers. Costs, innovation and individualization - everything has to be reconciled in the best possible way..… more

Beacon BT – Smart Bluetooth Module for digitization of mobile machines

Digitization of mobile machines with smart sensor technology

Hanser Automotive – Edition 2021

The digitalization of mobile machines is advancing continuously the market. The Beacon BT from Sontheim enables machine data and/or operating modes to be recorded and sent via Bluetooth to a mobile terminal or telemetry module. With this technology, new generations of construction machines can be digitized or an efficient retrofitting can be operated.… more

Iot solutions

Out of the IoT jungle

Elektronik – Edition 06/2021

To create a flexible transition to intelligent automation systems and become "Industry 4.0-ready," companies can use a wide variety of connectivity solutions via retrofit - and do so without high investments or a redesign of the plants.… more

Display with diagnostic functions

Display with diagnostic functions

Hanser Automotive – Edition 2020

Since its foundation in 1996, Sontheim has been offering integrated system solutions for mobile machines. The new 5 inch display expands the portfolio and, in addition to numerous interfaces in combination with the Modular Diagnostic Toolchain 2.0, offers completely new possibilities for manufacturers. Thus, in-house development know-how can be strengthened and resources saved by reusing source code – Single Source of Truth… more

OTX and ODX as data source for future applications

OTX and ODX as data source for future applications

Hanser Automotive – Edition 05/2019

ODX and OTX data in conjunction with OEM-specific knowledge is a powerful and versatile tool in the complete life cycle of the vehicle. This opens up completely new diagnostic possibilities for OEMs, users and service technicians. The diagnostic system presented here goes one step further and is the basis for future predictive maintenance and condition monitoring functionalities… more

Effective vehicle data management for mobile machines

Effective vehicle data management for mobile machines

Hanser Automotive – Edition 2015

Originally created for use in the passenger car market, ODX has long since established itself in off-the-highway vehicles as well, and has proven to be an extremely versatile and useful tool. With the Communication Life Cycle Manager from Sontheim, the true potential of ODX can be exploited to the full, with the entire vehicle data management being located in just one tool… more

Diagnosis of complex subsystems

Diagnosis of complex subsystems

Hanser Automotive – Edition 2014

To integrate complex electronic subsystems into an existing diagnostic system, standards can be very helpful. In fact, the distribution of these standards is still relatively limited. The following procedure model of Sontheim Industrie Elektronik is intended to show how the interests of both OEMs and suppliers can be safeguarded… more

On-board diagnostic systems for mobile machinery

On-board diagnostic systems for mobile machinery

Hanser Automotive – Edition 2014

Intelligent data acquisition and diagnostic systems based on standardized interfaces and communication data such as D-PDU-API, ODX and OTX increase comfort, work performance and safety in mobile machinery and enable targeted diagnostics. A modular software and hardware principle also guarantees rapid integration to meet new requirements… more