SMC 100 - high precision stepper motor control for bipolar 2-phase stepper motors

SMC 100

The stepper motor con­trol­ler con­trols bi­po­lar 2-phase stepper mo­tors with high pre­cision.

  • Phase current of up to 10 A
  • 4 galv. isolated in- and outputs each
  • 1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898
  • Own intelligence for self-regulation and data management
MC 105 - Drive control for up to 4 DC motors with up to 5 A

MC 105

The drive con­trol­ler con­trols up to 4 DC mo­tors with up to 5 A.

  • Safety features for high oper­a­tio­nal re­lia­bil­ity
  • Own intelligence for self-regulation and da­ta management
  • Free configuration and storage of oper­a­ting data