Obsolescence Management by Sontheim

Obsolescence Management

With the help of our obsolescence management we check and monitor the entire life cycle of your product. Semi­con­ductors in particular often have a shorter life cycle than the entire product and therefore the production capability of electronic components depends to a large extent on these components.

In order to minimize risks over the entire life cycle of a product, Sontheim has implemented an obsolescence manage­ment system that allows us to check and monitor critical components at the start of development and check for possible alternatives using electronic data­bases. Throughout the entire product life cycle, our customers promptly receive all relevant information about product discon­ti­nua­tions or changes so that they can react to them in a timely manner.

If you need your products years after the actual series production, we can track critical components and store them reliably for you to guarantee a remaining stock for a longer period of time.