Modular diagnostic solutions of Sontheim


We offer OEMs an integrated diagnostic portfolio based on the latest industry stan­dards such as ODX (ISO 22901-1) and OTX (ISO 13209) as well as an MCD-3D server. Our products are extremely high-performance and platform-independent. Diagnosis is there­fore possible on a PC, laptop, mobile device or em­bed­ded direc­tly in the vehicle or in the cloud.

This allows a wide range of development, service and maintenance applications to be covered, such as flash tools, end-of-line (EoL) programming and diagnostic software gen­er­ation. With our VCI port­folio, we also supply the interface to the vehicle and are happy to adapt our existing products to your specific requirements.


MDT 2.0 - trendsetting Diagnostic Toolchain

MDT® 2.0 – Authoring System

Modular diagnostic tool of the next generation for creating complex dia­gnos­tic app­licat­ions in the vehicle sector. Based on ODX and OTX standard, as well as an MCD-3D server.

  • ODX 2.2.1 according to ISO 22901-1
  • OTX according to ISO 13209
  • MCD-3D Server
  • Multi-platform support
MDT Service Cloud - worldwide, independent diagnostic access

MDT® Service Cloud

The MDT Service Cloud enables an interactive da­ta exchange of your dia­gnos­tic app­licat­ion at any time and from any location worldwide.

  • Easy data exchange of your application
  • Mngt. of session logs, HEX files, reports, etc.
  • HTTPS logging and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Direct connection to the ERP system
CLCM 2.0 - Communication Lifecycle Manager

CLCM 2.0 – Communication Lifecycle Manager

The latest generation of the Communication Life­cycle Man­ager en­ables all vehicle data manage­ment in one tool.

  • Web-based
  • ODX 2.2.0 support
  • Management of all fieldbus-based data, from specification to release
CANexplorer 4 - Fieldbus analysis with intuitive handling

CANexplorer 4

Do not waste any time in CAN bus diagnostics and benefit from the modular software for re­cord­ing, process­ing, dis­play­ing and send­ing CAN data.

  • Receive, edit, send and abstract
  • J1939 and CANopen protocol support
  • Import and export of signal databases
  • Modular structure with expansion options
Performante Vehicle Communication Interfaces


Extremely high-perfor­mance ve­hicle com­muni­cation inter­faces for all types of develop­ment, product­ion and service applications.

  • COMfalcon® with 4× CAN, WLAN, etc
  • ISOfox with ISOBUS acc. to ISO 11783
  • CANfox® with 1× CAN and RS232 interface
  • Multi-thread API for your own applications
Protocol Stacks - CAN, UDS, DoIP,...

Protocol Stacks

High-performance and exactly build for you. The modular structure guarantees a quick and easy integration.

  • UDS stack according to ISO 14229
  • Diagnostic Event Manager for UDS and J1939
  • DOIP stack according to ISO 13400
  • Flashbootloader according to ISO 25119 SRL-2

Case Studies

Case Studies - Development of a diagnostic tool for the entire vehicle fleet

Development of a diagnostic tool for the entire vehicle fleet

Based on the latest standards, we have developed a diagnostic system including a service case and VCI for a large agricultural manufacturer… more

Case Studies - MDT 2.0 – Modular diagnostic tool 2.0

MDT® 2.0 – Modular diagnostic tool 2.0

In cooperation with several major mobile machinery OEMs, we have continued the success story of our MDT® (Modular Diagnostic Tool) and developed the next generation… more