Vision, Mission and Core Competencies


As an established brand for electronics and user software, we are one of the most innovative and attractivst system provider in Germany. Our customers appreciate us for our strategic vision, the used technologies, reliability and our excellent service.


In our guidelines we created clear rules on how our vision of global market coverage and positioning as a competent supplier of innovative electronics should be enforced.

Long-term, confidence and respectful partnerships, coupled with continuous improvement, sustainability and diversification are the basis for stability and growth of all the value added process involved parties. Sontheim is the driving factor!

Core Competencies

To subject Core Competencies

As a specialist for fieldbus-based communication-, control- and diagnostic tasks we are your reliable partner with a deep system knowhow. Our modular hardware and software solutions provide you dependable networking, automatization and analysis systems for your automotive and industrial application.

We cover the entire product lifecycle, from design and development to production, integration and support. The range of services includes individual prototypes, serial deliveries up to customized solutions and the accompanying on-site consulting and technology training.

Parts of our Portfolio:

  • IO modules with digital and analog IOs as well as interface converter, multiplexer and encoder modules
  • CAN interfaces for mobile use or an installation in embedded systems and computers
  • Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCI), data logger and gateways for mobile machines and industrial vehicles
  • Telemetry solutions
  • Measurement and Control Units (also according to IEC 61508)
  • Industrial PCs with self- configurable scope and interfaces
  • Drive and control systems, including associated software components
  • Industrial printing systems
  • Modular fieldbus diagnostic tools for development and service applications
  • Protocol stacks, flash tools, boot loader as well as ECU development

More detailed information on our competencies and solutions can be found here