Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option
Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option
Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option
Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option
Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option
Touch-based control with motion sensor and OPC UA option

eControl mIO xt

Equipped with a variety of interfaces, the HMI with 10.1" touch display can be used for a wide range of automation applications. An integrated motion sensor makes it an energy miracle.

Key Features

  • OPC UA ready
  • EtherCAT and CAN compatible
  • Modular Diagnostic Toolchain MDT 2.0 can be integrated
  • Linux operating system


Features and display
The IMX6 Quad Core processor has a 1 GB working memory and the possibility to expand the memory with an SD card slot. With the help of the resistive touch screen, data can be intuitively visualized and software components operated. The modular econtrol mIO xt is therefore ideally suited as an HMI for machine control.

Variety of interfaces
The HMI is equipped with a number of interfaces. In addition to a motion sensor, the controller has two CAN, Ethernet and USB connections each and up to six temperature sensor inputs. An interface board carries the digital inputs and outputs, as well as the majority of analog interfaces. All connectors are accessible from the rear panel.


Unbeatable team: MDT 2.0 integration
On the HMI, the Modular Diagnostic Toolchain can be integrated with OPC UA, creating the perfect state-of-the-art solution for your Industry 4.0 applications. The new MDT® 2.0 provides a standardized tool to access data of the machine. It enables the standardization of data description (ODX), programming (OTX) and data sharing & provision (OPC UA). It is the perfect basis for innovative machine park monitoring. Combined with the HMI, Sontheim creates the all-round package: smooth machine control, standardized diagnostics and simple cloud connection.

Motion sensor
A motion sensor is integrated as part of the front panel. The pyroelectric sensor, or PIR sensor for short (Passive Infraed Sensor), reacts to motion and turns on the display and backlight as soon as motion is registered. This function is used to turn off the display and backlight when the device is not being operated and saves energy.

Technical Data

CPUIMX6 Quad Core
Co-Processors2× ATXMEGA, 1× LPC433x
Memory4 GB
RGB 1280 (W) ×3(RGB) ×800(H)dots / 500cd / IPS / anti-glare
LEDs2 LEDs for display of power supply and CAN communication
Dimensions (l×w×h)300 mm × 200 mm × 55 mm
Storage temperature–25°C up to +85°C
Operating temperature0°C up to +60°C
Real-time clock2 weeks buffered via supercaps
Weightapprox. 2.1 kg
Protection class (front)IP65
Protection class (back)IP20
Power supply24 V DC ±15 %
Motion sensor1×  PIR sensor
CAN2× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, galv. isolated
USB2× USB 2.0
Ethernet2× (1× 100 Mbit/s: EtherCat, OPC UA; 1× 1000 Mbit/s)
Digital inputs24× DI (3×8), 24 V DC
Digital outputs24× DO (3×8), 24 V DC
Analog inputs (optional)10× AI, 16 bit,
Output voltage range: 0 up to10 V
Output current range: 0 up to 20 mA
Analog outputs (optional)4× AO, 16 bit
Output voltage range: 0 up to 10 V
Temperature sensor inputs4× 24 bit, optional up to 6×
SD card slot
Operating system 
Operating systemLinux

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