Short description:

Digital 24 V module with 16 inputs and outputs.

Overview of interfaces

  • 16 digital inputs
  • 16 digital outputs

The module is compact and has a comfortable design, which provides all the interfaces, LEDs and required switches on the front panel. Another feature is the integrated top hat rail mounting, which permits an easy mounting and dismounting.
LEDs and switches
The visualization of the status and current IO States successes via integrated LEDs for each IO. Configuring the module address and baud rate can be made easily and safely via DIP switches on the module. Thereby, a baud rate of up to 1 Mbps is adjustable according to CiA.

In- and outputs
The modules are available in partly con gurable models with digital or analog inputs and outputs. They are galvanically isolated and short-circuit-proofed and guarantee a high reliability and resiliency. The wide input voltage range of 12 VDC to 30 VDC, open up wide areas of applications.




Signal processing
In addition to the inputs and outputs, the module has a powerful micro-controller, worked on the  acquisition of the sensors, the control of actuators and the CAN protocol. Further, security mechanisms such as e.g. guarding are fully integrated into the remote I/O.

CAN interface
The integrated CAN interface according to CANopen (DS 301 and 401) allows  exible use at different locations and positions in the production process. It is executed according to ISO11898 and can be bridged. In this way, you can use several modules in series by looping through the CAN signals.



Dimensions (l×w×h)
147 mm × 77 mm × 37 mm
185 g with clamps, 155 g without clamps
Top hat rail
Temperature range
Operating: 0°C to 60°C
extended temperature range available upon enquiry;
Storage: –30°C to 70°C
90% non-condensing
Conformity to EMI guidelines
EN 61000-6-4 and EN 61000-6-2 (industrial applications)
Power Supply
12 V DC to 30 V DC
Power consumption
30 mA
Overall consumption with active IOs
350 mA
Operating status
1 × LED green for operating mode (Run)
1 × LED red for error status (Err)
32 × LED green for activated inputs / outputs
Interface acc. to ISO 11898, assignment acc. to DIN 41652
Connection via SubD9 plug male and female (bridged)
CAN protocol
DS 301 and 401
Number of modules / bus
Module address via 2 DIP-switches
Baud rate via HEX-switch
Rigid cables 0,20 – 2,5 mm²,
Flexible cables 0,20 – 2,5 mm²,
Spring clamp
2-wire connection with twin conductor sleeve, dismantling 10 mm
Digital Inputs
Number of inputs
Potential isolation
Capacitive coupler
Switching level „1“
+8,0 V to +30,0 V
Switching level „0“
0,0 V to +4,0 V
Input current
3,0 / 6,5 mA
Sample rate
2,5 kHz
Signal delay
< 100 μs
Digital outputs
Number of outputs
Type of switch
Potential isolation
Capacitive coupler
Power supply
VB - 0,85 VV
Output current per channel
600 mA
Max. output current
8 A
Protective circuit
Short-circuit and overload protection
Switching frequency
1 kHz
Free-wheeling diode
Signal delay
< 100 μs