Short description: 

Efficient, passively cooled and integrated IOs, the ePC is equipped for all tasks of control technology.

Main technical advantages
There are several different processor types of the ATOM family available. The chipset is known for a high energy efficiency and little heat waste. It has 512 MB to 2 GB RAM onboard for small to complex operations. Instead of a usual HDD the ePC uses CFast which is the faster successor of Compact Flash – the system can also be booted over this interface. The advantage is a data transfer speed of up to 3 GBit/sec. Of course, all CFast cards can be purchased via Sontheim. A full metal housing together with the specific memory and CPU provides optimal EMV-capabilities and passive cooling event at high temperatures.

Link2Go – Expand your PC!
Modern automation applications require efficiency and the flexibility to adapt to changing environments in an individually matching way. 

Link2Go is a concept of adding extension modules quickly and conveniently to the ePC. However, the basic unit remains as it is and the user can change the modules later on if necessary. The range of the planned extensions varies from touch displays and bus couplers to hard disk drives and serial interfaces. There could even customer-specific modules be created. Link2Go – your personal embedded solution for the price of standard components.

The ePC incorporates many interfaces for a maximum of flexibility already in its basic version without extensions (Link2Go). There are CAN, Ethernet (EtherCAT-capable), digital inputs and outputs, DVI and USB available, allowing tasks such as PLC, CAN Bus master or slave, signal processing and many more applications. An integrated CFast interface like an USB stick thought for data logging and even booting the system.