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31. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
32. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
The potted Beacon BT offers IP67 protection and thus the use in harsh environments. The integrated battery allows a lifetime of the module of 7-10 years.  
33. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
Smart low-cost module with Bluetooth interface and optional accelerometer. Easy and fast digitization of mobile machines and implements.  
34. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module - Implemented and related products  
Implemented and related products  
36. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
This technology can be used to equip new generations of construction machines as well as for an efficient retrofitting. Machine data and/or operating modes are recorded and sent wirelessly via…  
37. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module  
Mobile machines are robust, reliable and in 24/7 use. However, the machines are often not yet "intelligent" or "networked", which makes permanent monitoring and simple visualization of machine data…  
38. Beacon BT – Bluetooth Module - Development of a smart Bluetooth module  
Development of a smart Bluetooth module  
39. Beacon BT  
Beacon BT – Smart Bluettoth module with optional acceleration sensor  
40. CAN Display  
CAN display with embedded diagnostic function  
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