CANfox - compact CAN interface with CAN- and RS232 interface
CANfox - compact CAN interface with CAN- and RS232 interface
CANfox - compact CAN interface with CAN- and RS232 interface
CANfox - compact CAN interface with CAN- and RS232 interface


Compact interface with galv. isolated CAN- and an RS232-interface on USB 2.0

Key Features

  • 1× galv. isolated CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898 and 1× RS232
  • Connection via USB 2.0
  • Free configuration of baud rate including 800 Kbit/s
  • Powerful 32-bit microcontroller
  • CODESYS gateway driver available
  • Multi-Thread API for own applications
  • Driver for Windows 2000 up to Windows 10 with 32- and 64-bit
  • Single item price < €120


Housing and interfaces
The interface is made of a robust plastic housing and has an RS232 and an electrically isolated CAN interface. This is implemented via a D-Sub9 connector ac­cor­ding to CiA standard. With its USB 2.0 interface, the adapter can be operated on any note­book and desktop PC. Firm­ware updates are also car­ried out via USB. The hot plug and play system makes its use even faster and more ef­ficient, so that it can be put into operation im­me­dia­tely without having to restart the PC. Thus CANfox® offers all the necessary interfaces for mobile use with a laptop or stationary as a desktop device.

New performance class, low price
In addition to its interfaces, CANfox® has a 32-bit micro­controller for handling the data traffic. Du­ring de­vel­op­ment, the main focus was on flex­ible us­a­bil­ity and a low price.

You can therefore freely set the baud rate on the software side and thus adapt it to your process requirements. CANfox® is available from a pur­chase quantity of a single unit for less than €120.

Extensive software support
CANfox® is supported by all Sontheim tools such as CANexplorer 4 for CAN diagnostics and the Modular Diagnostic Toolchain for creating vehicle dia­gnos­tic applications. With the help of the included software interface (API), however, the user can also operate his own software. All that is required is to integrate the API into the user’s own software. Thanks to the inte­grated CODESYS support from CODESYS GmbH, the interface can also be conveniently used in the field of control and drive tech­nol­ogy. It can thus be used as a programming gateway for communication with CODESYS-based con­trol­lers and for program downloads directly from the CODESYS de­vel­op­ment environment.

Technical Data

CPU32-bit microcontroller
CAN1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, via D-Sub9
RS2321× RS232 interface, via D-Sub9
USB1× Standard USB Typ A, 75 cm cable length
Baud rates50 Kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s, free configuration
Max. Data transfer1 Mbit/s at 90 % bus load
LEDs3× 3 mm LED
Housingcompact plastic
Operating temperature–20°C up to +60°C
Storage temperature–40°C up to +85°C
Rel. Humidity20 % – 90 % non-condensing
Power supplyvia USB interface
CANAPI (=Windows DLL)Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8; 32-bit. Windows 98 on request

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