AEF ISOBUS Checktool

Short description:

The convenient tool for checking interoperability between different ISOBUS participants.

Optimal interoperability between vehicles and implements needed
The agricultural market is characterised by high numbers of equipment manufacturers. Consequently, there is a need for improving the communication of the used ECUs and therefore the immaculate cooperation of different equipment lements within a vehicle. This is particularly the case for tractors, self-propelled agricultural equipment and accessory equipment

AEF and Sontheim Industrie Elektronik
In a joint project that involves several major manufacturers of agricultural equipment the AEF and Sontheim Industrie Elektronik develop the AEF ISOBUS check for conducting compatibility tests within a vehicle’s ISOBUS network in order to ensure an optimal cooperation of the numerous tractors and implements. There are a basic and a professional version available which differ in their function range. It is highly recommended to use the basic version for monitoring the  bootup  processes  and  gathering  compatibility  information  about  the  vehicles  ISOBUS-based ECUs. Those will be uploaded to the AEF ISOBUS database for a compatibility check and maybe an error report.

Dynamic link library for customer specific diagnostic applications
The DLL performs the mechanism of the AEF ISOBUS check application and provides the possibility to implement this functions in customer diagnostic applications.

The DLL scans the bus for various messages. From these messages and the control functions sending them, the structure of the bus is constructed and written to an XML file. A trace file
containing CAN Messages during the bootup process and a file containing CRCs for all files are also generated during the scanning process. In the professional version the DLL contains several test procedures to help to find the reason for a lot of difficulties.

Basic and professional version
This DLL provides the basic functionality of a compatibility check and the ticket function as they are given in the AEF ISOBUS database. The result of a check contains all necessary data for the AEF database and moreover a monitoring of the bootup process in ISOBUS. Besides the function range of the basic version, the professional one offers the possibility to add more data and error descriptions to the database ticket. It is also very convenient for the user that the professional version gets updated with every new AEF check definition.

Sontheim MDT as a field-proven platform
The software is based on the MDT - Modular Diagnostic Tool which offers a programming environment for your specific service and diagnostic applications. Except for the programmer of the application, no service personnel needs to have programming experience, making the software very convenient and  user-friendly. There are several modules available in order to have the software fitted to specific requirements.