Short description:

Industrial PC with touch screen and robust control panel for machine control.

Equipment and display
Its components are similar to the MobiCAN. A 1.1 GHz ATOM processor provides computing power at low energy consumption. There are 512 MB RAM available as well as an integrated SD-card with 2 GB for applications. The terminal contains a control and display panel for visualising data and operating software tools. Consequently, Panel-PC 8000 is an ideal HMI.

The terminal provides 2 CAN channels with M12 plugs. External periphery like mouse or keyboard are simply connected via USB2.0. It provides an ethernet port via M12 with a bandwith of 100 MBit.

Flexibility via PCI extensions
The two extension slots enable an integration of additional extensions. There are many different versions of extension cards available, much like our IPC-4: CAN, FireWire, digital and analogue inputs and outputs, Profibus and many more functions can be integrated for a customer-specific solution. Panel-PC 8000 can therefore be used as a standard-HMI  or as an individually tailored control system.

Robust design
HMIs in production facilities might be exposed to temperature changes, splash water and mechanical forces. Panel-PC 8000 is designed to withstand such effects with the help of a robust design. No water can enter the housing. All connectors have an inward barrier. The foil keyboard with extra large buttons is made for bigger gloves. Finally, a wall mount arm can be used for having the terminal mounted outside of a control cabinet. standard-HMI  or as an individually tailored control system.