Short description:

The industrial printing system based on HP Inkjet Technology.

The request
You want to have an industrial printing system which can be integrated into your production lines very fast, easily and completely? You need professional print results, regardless of the materials and printing Speed used?

The Elegant Solution
EvoPrint provides seamless integration of an industrial printing system into an existing machine without any change to the production line – at a maximum printing speed of up to 180 m/min resp. 3 m/s at 300 dpi resolution. It is considerably faster than other printing systems and can also beused while accelerating. Furthermore, active velocity compensation avoids rupture and warp, while the direction detection eliminates double printing. You will save process time and material costs! EvoPrint offers software tools, which can be fully integrated into existing customer interfaces without the need for an extra PC-based interface in the machine. The printing system itself is connected by standard LAN/Ethernet for image transfer. The control can be done by fieldbus like EtherCAT or CAN as well as LAN or incremental encoders.

Application Areas
EvoPrint is tested and field approved by different applications. Due to the close cooperation with our customers in combination with outstanding knowhow as a system integrator, we provide individually tailored system solutions for various branches of industry:

Wide area of expandabilities

  • Performance resources even at complex applications
  • 32 bit microprocessor with 200 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM and 32 MB Flash on board

Customizable applications

  • No change of production line
  • Assembly at static or moving axes
  • Printing of text, 1D & 2D barcodes and images

Highest quality

  • 300 dpi at a printing speed of 180m/min
  • Active velocity compensation
  • Course detection
  • Based on HP Inkjet Technology

Future-proof due to innovative technology

  • EtherCAT and CAN, standard-ethernet and incremental encoder
  • Software tools for integration into existing application software
Dimensions (w×h×d)
114 mm × 218 mm × 187 mm
Protection class
Power supply
30 V DC (±5%)
approx. 3,3 kg
while printing: 10% – 80%
storage: 10% – 80%
while printing: +10°C to +40°C
storage: +10°C to +30°C
1 × RJ45 LAN 100 MBit IEEE 802.3, 2 × RJ45 (EtherCAT or CAN),
2 × incremental (encoder) interface (SubD 9),
1 × power supply 9-pole Phönix,
4 × digital outputs (Ub -0,5 V),
1 × RS232 (SubD 9)
Buttons, LEDs
4 buttons for menu,
6 × Status-LEDs for EtherCAT/CAN and LAN
LCD-Display with 2 × 8 characters for system status, error code and filling level alarm
Maximum speed of 180 m/min at 300 dpi resolution
Distance to medium
< 2 mm
Printing height
max. 5 cm in one printing line
Powerful 32 Bit μc with 200 MHz;
Quick FPGA for controlling cartridges
32 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM on Board
Printing while accelerating or decelerating;
Active velocity compensation (no stretching or rupture of image);
Direction monitoring (positive, negative);
Software / firmware update via LAN;
Protected against dust
Static or flexible at moving axes
Number of cartridges
4 × HP Inkjet Technology
Supported cartridges
C8842A Versatile Black, Q2344A SPS1918 DYE Black
C6168A, C6169A, C6170A and C6173A Spot Color (red, green, blue and yellow)
VP90-E (UV-curing), others on inquiry
Average drop size
26 – 29 pl (depending on ink)
Bulk system management
Ink supply via bulk canisters for continuous printing
Cartridge management
Cartridge calibration (pre-warming, spitting, pulse amplitude, voltage)
Different software tools for configuration and integration in existing applications;
Programmable 32 Bit API (DLL)