Short description:

Powerful 24 V module with 160 digital inputs and 192 digital outputs.

Housing and clamps
The compact housing is made of aluminum. It contains a top hat rail mount and a front cover with all interfaces for better overview in the control cabinet. The technician will note the convenience while working at the bus cabling. The module uses very robust clamps and cabling for the connection to sensors and actors. In order to maximize the resistivity against mechanical force, all clamps can be locked.

LEDs and switches
You can configure the baud rate and module address with HEX-switches at the front cover - easy and comfortable. Moreover, there is a 7-segment display as well as some LEDs for showing the device status.

Signal processing and CAN interface
Besides its inputs and outputs the Super-IO offers a powerful micro-controller that handles data acquisition of sensors, control of actors and the processing of any CAN-data. An important safety function is the guarding capability which is fully integrated into the IO for network surveillance.

If there is an absence of guarding by the master registered, the module immediately goes into STOP-mode. The integrated CAN interface is designed in accordance to DS 301 and 401 for a flexible use in different places and tasks in the CAN bus network. All Sontheim CAN interfaces comply with ISO 11898.

Power supply
The device needs a power supply with 24 V. Due to the polarity reversal protection the user is in no danger of damaging the module by reversed power connection. Short surge peaks are also eliminated by an EMI wiring for the control section. 

Customized adaptations
Quite often, the specific requirements of an automation process make it necessary to have an IO-module meeting individual needs. This is particularly the case for the number and type of in- and outputs, the fieldbus, the current supply of the module and IO-channels and many more details. It is our pleasure to adapt the module to your processes.