Short description:

Digital 24 V or 12V module with 16 in- and outputs for use in CAN networks.

Signal processing
Besides its inputs and outputs the DIO32 offers a powerful micro-controller that handles data acquisition of sensors, control of actors and the processing of any CAN-data. An important safety function is the DIO32‘s guarding capability which is fully integrated into the IO for network surveillance. Furthermore, there is a relay contact (changeover) as an additional safety measure. If there is an absence of guarding by the master registered, the module immediately goes into STOP-mode.

Power supply
The DIO32 needs a power supply with 24 V. Due to the polarity reversal protection the user is in no danger of damaging the module by reversed power connection. Short surge peaks are also eliminated by an EMI wiring for the control section.

Dimensions (l×w×h)
121 mm × 120 mm × 48 mm
600 g
Protection class
IP20, EMV-requirements according to CE
Storage temperature
-30°C to 70°C
Operating temperature
0°C to 60°C
90% non-condensing
Power supply
24 VDC ±20%
Pre-Operational mode
95 mA
Operational mode
110 mA
All inputs/outputs active, incl. LED’s
500 mA
Operating status
1 × LED green for power supply (5 V)
1 × LED green for operation mode (Run)
1 × LED red for error status (Err)
16 × LED green for activated Inputs
16 × LED green for activated outputs (at the clamp)
Motorola Freescale, 16 Bit
Galvanically isolated acc. to ISO 11898
SubD9 plug male and female, bridged
Pinning acc. to DIN 41652
CAN protocol
DS 301 and 401
Number of modules / bus
Module address via 2 HEX-switches
Baud rate via HEX-switch
Clamps and cabling
Connection with Weidmueller clamps
clamp capacity 0,25 – 1,5 mm², 1-wire „e“
Fine-wired „f“ 0,25 – 1,5 mm², „f“ with concuctor sleeve without plastic flange 0,25 – 1,5 mm²
2-wire and 3-wire connection, dismantling 10 mm
Digital inputs
Number of inputs
Switching level „1“
+15,0 V to +28,8 V
Switching level „0“
0,0 V to +8,0 V
Potential isolation
Supply inputs
11 mA
Sample rate
2,5 kHz
Signal delay
< 400 μs
Digital outputs
Number of outputs
24 VDC ±20%
Type of switch
Potential isolation
Supply outputs
1 A (short-circuit proof)
Overall power consumption
8 A
Overall power consumption at supply per block
16 A
Sample rate
1 kH
Free-wheeling diode
Signal delay
< 100 μs
Relay contact (if module is active)
1 × UM / 1A