DIO72 IO module with 32 inputs and 40 outputs
DIO72 IO module with 32 inputs and 40 outputs
DIO72 IO module with 32 inputs and 40 outputs
DIO72 IO module with 32 inputs and 40 outputs


Digital 24 V or 12 V module with 32 inputs and 40 outputs for use in CAN networks

Key Features

  • Safety features for high running safety
  • Galv. isolated CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898
  • Easy access to all interfaces
  • Own intelligence for complex CAN networks
  • All clamps pluggable and lockable
  • Signal delay of less than 400 μs
  • Galv. isolated in- and outputs
  • Compact aluminium housing with IP20 and integrated top hat rail mounting


Housing and interfaces
The module has a compact aluminium housing and offers the possibility of top hat rail mounting. The interfaces are quickly and con­ve­nient­ly available on the front panel. Using the 3-wire connection technology, all sensors can be connected directly to the module. The danger of incorrect wiring is greatly reduced by the color coding of the potentials, even for less experienced users. Various clamp strips are available, which are op­tio­nal­ly equipped with LEDs. All inputs are in­di­cated by an LED on the clamp. In addition, both the baud rate and the module address can be set and read at any time using hex switches.

CAN interface
The integrated CAN interface in accordance with CANopen (DS 301 and 401) allows flexible use at different points and positions in the production process. It is designed according to ISO 11898.


Signal processing
In addition to the inputs, our digital IO has a powerful microcontroller that handles the acquisition of the sensors and the CAN protocol. Furthermore, security mechanisms such as guarding are fully integrated in the remote IO.

Power supply
The DIO72 is supplied with 24 V. The integrated reverse polarity protection pre­vents possible destruction of the module if the supply voltage is incorrectly applied. The control section is ad­dit­io­nal­ly protected against short overvoltage peaks by an EMC circuit on the supply voltage.

Technical Data

CPU16-bit microcontroller
CAN1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, galv. isolated
Connection with D-Sub9 plug and socket (bridged);
Assignment acc. to DIN 41652
CAN protocolDS 301 and 401
Number of modules/bus127
Settingof module address via 2 HEX switches
of baud rate via HEX switch
Connection systemSpring connection,
Clamping range 0.25 – 1.5 mm², solid wire “e”
fine wire “f” 0.25 – 1.5 mm², “f” with wire end ferrule
without plastic collar 0.25 – 1.5 mm²
Connection technologyTwo-wire and three-wire connection, stripping length 10 mm
Operating status display1× LED green for supply voltage (5 V)
1× LED green for operating mode (run)
1× LED red for error status (err)
32× LED green for set inputs
40× LED green for set outputs (directly at the clamps)
Dimension (l×w×h)241 mm × 120 mm × 48 mm
Weight800 g
Protection classIP20, EMC requirements according to CE
Storage temperature–30°C up to +70°C
Operating temperature0°C up to +60°C
Humidity90 % non-condensing
Power supply24 V DC ±20 %
All in- und outputs active, including LEDs830 mA
Digital inputs 
Number of inputs32
Switching level “1”+15.0 V up to +28.8 V 
Switching level “0”0.0 V up to +8.0 V 
Potential isolationOptocoupler
Input current/input11 mA
Sampling frequency (Fg)2.5 kHz
Signal delay< 400 μs
Digital outputs 
Number of outputs40
Power24 V DC ±20 %
Circuit typeFET-Highside switch
Potential isolationOptocoupler
Output current/output1 A (short circuit proof)
Total current of the module8 A
Total current of the module with blockwise supply40 A
Switching frequency1 kHz
Freewheel diodesYes, controlled inductors require external freewheel diodes
Signal delay< 100 μs
Relay contact (switches, when module active)1× UM / 1 A

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