EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a real-time Ethernet for data commnunication in the automation technology. It complies with IEC61158 and IEC61784 and ISO15745-4 standard and is used since 2003 in industrial plants. Today EtherCAT is the fastest Industrial Ethernet Technology in the market. It has an almost unlimited network size, and an optimal vertical integration. It also has a very high synchronization accuracy in  nano second range.


The EtherCAT slave devices read all relevant information out of the the passing telegram. Similarly, input data is inserted in the telegram. The time delay of the messages in this case is only a few nano seconds. The update time for 1000 E/As is only 30 micro seconds - including I/O throughput time.

In addition, EtherCAT provides protocol definitions for the following areas:

  • Cyclic transmission of I/O data
  • Acyclic transmission of required data (parameters, diagnostics, device identification, ...)
  • Clock synchronization
  • Comfortable system diagnostics

Therefore EtherCAT is used primarily in the area control and regulation of physical processes and in the fields of measurement systems.