MDT Service Cloud

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The MDT Service Cloud enables an save exchange of your diagnostic data at any time and at any place.

Fast Data Exchange and Update Tool
An Update Tool enables updates of the diagnostic application which can be downloaded and installed. In addition, out of the diagnostic application itself, data can specifically be up- or downloaded. Thus, for example, session logs, vehicle record information, reports, HEX files, etc. can be loaded or saved in the cloud. The transmitted data formats and contents are freely definable.

Automated interface
The MDT Service Cloud is a prefabricated system and can be linked directly with the internal ERP system of your company and be adapted and integrated to the requirements of the customer. Thus the required maintenance is significantly reduced and all data exchange and updates can be managed directly from the ERP system. This relieves the administrative burden and allows, among other things a centralized license management and automated processes. Furthermore, the administration of the diagnostic information can also be done manually using an FTP server.

High Data Security
The safe way to the Internet can lead only through a secured and authenticated connection. Therefore HTTPS logging and encrypted data transfer using a SSL/TLS certificate are used for the MDT Service Cloud. Using the digital certificate the reliability of the server and the connection is ensured. In addition to the encryption also an authentication of the client excludes an access by third parties.

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Server Hosting
Sontheim offers a server hosting, thus there is no additional effort for the user of MDT Service Cloud. This infrastructure can also be used locally or internally to exchange and manage for example data of test rigs or end of line programming.