Modular Diagnostic Tool 2.0

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Next-generation diagnostic tool for creating complex platform-independent diagnostic applications. Based on the international standards ODX 2.2.1 and OTX, as well as a MCD-3D server.

Based on Standards - ODX 2.2.0 and OTX
The new MDT 2.0 offers a standardized way to access diagnostic data. The MDT 2.0 tools offer various possibilities to create, structure and run diagnostic workflows using the industry standard OTX (Open Test sequence Exchange format) defined in ISO 13209. Re-Use of your diagnostic service descriptions in ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange) for service execution allows you to instantly achieve your desired results. On top of that MDT 2.0 supports native RMI as well as an innovative OTX wizard to simplify OTX editing without breaking the ISO standard. 

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Multi-Platform Support
The Runtime is being developed with multi-platform capabilities in mind, ranging from multi-platform GUI support to a platform independent runtime workflow description language generated from your OTX and ODX files. This reduces implementation and testing effort for your diagnostic applications across multiple PC and embedded platforms. MDT 2.0 let you develop your application once and have it running on Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, QNX and others.