Short description:

Digital 24 V module with 32 freely configurable in- and outputs as well as an EtherCAT and CAN interface.

The compact aluminum housing contains a top hat rail mount and a front cover with all interfaces for better overview in the control cabinet. The technician will note the convenience while working at the bus cabling.

All sensors and actors can be connected directly to the module. There are connectors for 8 data lines, power supply and 0V for each of the 4 blocks on the module, making the cabling very sturdy and resistant to shock and vibration. Every IO-block is galvanically isolated and obtains an own power supply. Thus, you can even use the EC-DIO32 for safety-relevant applications like emergency-stop circuits for guard-doors.

Fieldbus interfaces
Our latest IO-module provides 2 RJ45 connectors for EtherCAT and CAN as an easy possibility for  connecting other devices via ethernet patch cable. With its multi-fieldbus detection and the two   connectors the module can be used in different places and tasks in the CAN-bus network. 

Signal processing
Due to the configuration of each block as a digital input, digital output or analogue input there are many areas of deployment. You can choose by your individual number and type of IOs about the configuration of the module, saving costs and cabling. It is even possible to address every block on its own.

Besides its inputs and outputs the EC-DIO32 offers a powerful micro-controller that handles data acquisition of sensors, control of actors and the processing of any CAN and EtherCAT-data. An important safety function is the guarding capability which is fully integrated into the IO for network surveillance. Furthermore, there is a relay contact (changeover) as an additional safety measure. If there is an absence of guarding by the master registered, the module immediately goes into STOP-mode.

Diagnostic features
Analogue measurement of ower supply at the blocks and single channels as well as a digital monitoring of outputs are implemented in the device.