5 inch CAN display with embedded diagnostic function

Development of a 5 inch CAN display with embedded diagnostic function

Construction machines, heavy machin­ery, generators and pumps often work 24/7 under the harshest conditions. The operating status of the machines must be con­stant­ly monitored to ensure maximum and most eco­nomical use. In older machines, this is mostly done via analog displays or rudi­men­tary and mono­chrome displays. Old machines/­engines are by far not as electri­fied as new state-of-the-art systems.


For example, they have integrated modern exhaust aftertreatment tech­nology and many more sensors, but have also become much more complex as a result. Simple analog display instruments are often no longer suf­ficient to show all measured or added values and error messages correctly and in detail. Thanks to the use of standard interfaces (CAN, J1939), the multi­func­tional 5-inch display is the perfect solution for OEMs or for retro­fitting older machines.

In a joint development with a leading engine manufacturer, Sontheim has developed a display that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions and at the same time enables the user to monitor his machine holistically, based on open standards. It is characterized by protection class IP67, meets the highest environmental requirements and can be operated intuitively using five illumi­nated buttons. The modern 5-inch display with 16 million colors enables the visu­ali­zation of all system data, from simple error messages to detailed analyses of the machine and individual alarm messages. Analog and digital IOs ensure easy connection of customer-specific legacy systems such as switch contacts, sirens or signal lights. This is achieved by using open standards. The visualization of the GUI is generated by means of diagnostic data and thus already includes an integrated standard-compliant diagnosis. The Modular Diagnostic Toolchain 2.0 can be used to create the graphical interfaces. As a result, the system offers, for example, a very fast and easy integration of multilingualism, which simplifies a worldwide use significantly. The reuse of source code for various applications such as dia­gnos­tics, develop­ment or test tools can also be easily compiled on this platform.

CAN Display - with 5 inch and J1939 support


Permanent monitoring and convenient visualization of machine conditions. With its 16 million colors, the display also enables complex graphic surfaces.

A CAN and J1939 support enable holistic analyses. The ODX and OTX standard offers integrated embedded diagnostics and numer­ous convenience functions.

Implemented and related products

CAN Display with 5 inch and J1939 support

CAN Display

Robust display for mo­bile machines, com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles and en­gine app­li­ca­tions. Vi­su­ali­za­tion, mon­i­tor­ing and con­trol of all com­mands and sta­tus in­for­mation via CAN.

  • 5" TFT 16:9 display
  • 1× CAN acc. to ISO 11898 (opt. 2× CAN)
  • J1939 protocol support
  • Linux operating system
MDT 2.0 - Modular Authoring System based on standards

MDT® 2.0

Modular authoring sys­tem for the cre­a­tion of complex dia­gnos­tic app­li­ca­tions in the auto­motive sector. Based on ODX and OTX stan­dard and an MCD-3D server.

  • ODX support according to ISO 22901-1
  • OTX support according to ISO 13209
  • MCD-3D Server
  • Platform independent
Protocol Stacks - CAN, UDS, DOIP...

Protocol Stacks

High performance and precisely tailored to you. The modular design gua­ran­tees quick and ea­sy integration.

  • UDS stack acc. to ISO 14229
  • DoIP stack acc. to ISO 13400
  • Diagnostic Event Manager for UDS and J1939
  • Flashbootloader accord. to ISO 25119 SRL-2