Development of a smart Bluetooth module

Mobile machines are robust, reliable and in 24/7 use. However, the machines are often not yet "intelligent" or "networked", which makes permanent monitoring and simple visualization of machine data difficult. OEMs can change this state of affairs with the help of the Beacon BT. In cooperation with a leading construction machinery manufacturer, Sontheim has developed an extremely compact and self-sufficient Bluetooth module.

This technology can be used to equip new generations of construction machines as well as for an efficient retrofitting. Machine data and/or operating modes are recorded and sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile device for further visualization and evaluation. In addition, the module can be integrated into the infrastructure of our COMhawk xt telemetry series and thus networked globally.

With the low-energy Bluetooth module, the OEM is able to digitize machines at low cost. With a size smaller than a credit card, the module is attached to the machine. This means that operating hours can now be counted and service intervals can be efficiently and specifically planned and monitored. An optional variant with an integrated acceleration sensor also records vibrations and shocks. This allows, for example, different operating modes to be recorded and categorized or extraordinary deviations (e.g. extreme G-forces due to a fall or impact) to be detected. All data is transmitted to an app via Bluetooth and can be visualized individually. An integrated battery allows a runtime of 7-10 years, depending on the defined use case and the transmission frequency.

Beacon BT - Bluetooth Module


Smart low-cost module with Bluetooth interface and optional accelerometer. Easy and fast digitization of mobile machines and implements.

The potted Beacon BT offers IP67 protection and thus the use in harsh environments. The integrated battery allows a lifetime of the module of 7-10 years.

Implemented and related products

Bluetooth module by Sontheim

Beacon BT

Smart and ultra-compact Bluetooth module with integrated accelerometer and battery power supply.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy
  • Integrated battery
  • Accelerometer ±24g
  • IP67
COMhawk xt - second generation high-end telemetry and connectivity module

COMhawk® xt

Next generation em­bed­ded app­li­ca­tion ECU with up to four CAN inter­faces. Use as te­le­me­try and dia­gnos­tic module as well as gate­way, data ser­ver and data logger.

  • Powerful ARM Cortex-A9 processor
  • 2× CAN acc. to ISO 11898 (opt. 4× CAN)
  • 2G/LTE
  • Linux operating system
COMhawk xt light - second generation light telemetry module

COMhawk® xt light

Low-cost IoT-module of the next generation with one CAN interface. Used as a telemetry, dia­gnos­tic and gateway module.

  • 32-bit microcontroller
  • 1× CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898
  • 2G/LTE
  • GNSS