Sontheim has a great sense of responsibility towards customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the environment. This is based in our principles and approaches and determines our daily acting.

Since the company foundation, Sontheim is following these principles beyond the normal business activities. As an Allgäu-based enterprise we are deeply ingrained in the Bavarian region. We support associations and charities in our community. We are focused on assisting those in need, aiding people with disabilities, promoting the education of technology to students, and much more.

Some examples and partners:

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Der BUNTE KREIS Allgäu e.V.:
The BUNTEN KREIS Allgäu addresses problems with children who are born prematurely, have been seriously injured, or are chronically ill, and their families which face abrupt changes and challanges. The aim is to socialize after discharge from the hospital through extensive and stable networks, in which the family finds support and confidence to cope with the new situation. About 1,000 families were supported in the past 10 years through the BUNTE KREIS Allgäu.



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Förderverein der Technikerschule Allgäu:
Since 1966 the TSA trains “State-certified technician” in the fields of civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering technology. The Technikerschule Allgäu earns for many years a great recognition and appreciation of numerous business enterprises. Many companies therefore decided to join the “Association for the Promotion of Technical School Allgäu e.V.”  actively and cooperate with the TSA.