IGI16 incremental encoder interface with 16 inputs
IGI16 incremental encoder interface with 16 inputs
IGI16 incremental encoder interface with 16 inputs
IGI16 incremental encoder interface with 16 inputs

IGI16 Incremental-Encorder-Interface

Module for incremental encorder with a total of 16 inputs. It serves to detect position changes and is de­signed according to CiA spec­i­fi­ca­tion for use in CAN net­works

Key Features

  • 16 incremental encorder inputs with up to 32 bit resolution
  • CAN interface with 4-pole phoenix clamp
  • 24 V DC supply with 3-pole phoenix clamp
  • Baud rate and module address configurable via HEX switch
  • Complies with the CANopen specification according to CiA 


The aluminium module is extremely compact and offers the possibility of top hat rail mounting. All interfaces and switches for con­fi­gu­ra­tion are quickly and con­ve­nient­ly available on the front panel.

Incremental encorder
A total of 16 incremental encoder inputs are available for the con­nected sensors. Five of them are directly con­nected to counters. The sixth can optionally be switched to inputs D3 to D13. Inc A and B have a resolution of 32 bit, all others 16 bit. Each in­cre­men­tal encoder input works with a pulse qua­drup­ling and delivers 20000 pulses per revolution with a re­so­lu­tion of 5000 steps.



LEDs and switches
All inputs are indicated by an LED. In addition, the baud rate can be set and read at any time by means of a HEX switch.

Signal processing
In addition to the inputs, the IGI16 has a powerful microcontroller that handles the acquisition of the sensors and the CAN pro­to­col.

CAN interface
The integrated CAN interface enables flexible use at different points and positions in the production process. It is designed according to ISO 11898.

Technical Data

CPU16-bit microcontroller
CAN1× interface acc. to ISO 11898, galv. isolated
Connection with 4-pole phoenix clamp or optionally with RJ45 plug
Settingof baud rate via HEX switch
Connecton systemD-Sub9 plug
Dimensions (l×w×h)241 mm × 120 mm × 48 mm
Weight800 g
Protection classIP20, EMC requirements according to CE
Storage temperature–30°C up to +70°C
Operating temperature0°C up to +60°C
Humidity90 % non-condensing
Power supply24 V DC ±20 %
Number of inputs16× for incremental encorder
Meter sizeInc A: 32 bit
Inc B: 32 bit
Inc C: 16 bit
Inc D1: 16 bit
Inc D2: 16 bit
Inc D3 up to D13: 16 bit multiplexed
Error modewith watchdog error every 60 ms transmission of an error frame
Operating system displayLEDs (red) for short circuit on Inc side
LEDs (green) for multiplex-input
RUN-LED (green) for identifier-reception
ERROR-LED (red) for watchdogerror
24 V LED (green) for supply voltage