Protocol Stacks

Short description:

High-performant and exactly build for you protocol stacks.

Standard based and proprietary
A performant programming and clearly defined interfaces are essentially important for the creation of protocol stacks. Based on standards and proprietary customer-specific requirements that set the rules of communication, the Sontheim Industrie Elektronik GmbH has already developed several stacks for various application areas.

Knowhow with different communication protocols
For implementing your customized solution we can fall back on the already-implemented stacks such as DeviceNet, J1939-21 including address claiming, J1939-73 (DM1 and DM2), KWP 2000, UDS, CANopen slave and master, to support you optimally. Due to our extensive experience in the development of protocol stacks and our modular software architecture, we can implement at any time individual and proprietary protocol stacks and integrate it into our software products.

Various microcontroller platforms
Our protocol stacks were often ported by us on various hardware platforms and microcontrollers, such as PowerPC, ColdFire MCF548x, Infineon XC164CS, Atmel AT89C51CC03C ARM7 LPC2458, Star12, HC12.

Performant IEC 61131-3 CAN stack (CODESYS)
For the IEC 61131-3 programming system we offer currently CODESYS in version 2.3 high-performant CAN stacks for J1939 and CANopen and CAN based drivers for many μController.This, in addition to the CODESYS standard configurators (e.g. for CANopen) and also customized solutions (e.g. for J1939) can be used. In the future our CANopen and J1939 stacks will also work with CODESYS V3. Therfore our CAN stack and configurators on the CODESYS automation platform integrate fully in the CODESYS system architecture.

Real time for critical applications
In the field of automation technology we employ our CAN stacks in real-time environments and so we can offer as a example control PCs, which are suitable for critical applications, such as complex systems.

From the application to the hardware
Of course, it is also possible to implement proprietary protocols. We have already several basics by different customer-specific projects, which have been successfully implemented. PC side as well as in the embedded sector, we have specific know-how. In addition, a quick integration is facilitated by the modular design in your system and we like to develop a custom solution for you. With the Sontheim Flash boot loader we offer a tailor-made solution for your system. Our fast and efficient solutions are already in many systems in use and allow a reliable boot up process, as well as software programming. In addition to the stacks, the HAL and the drivers for hardware, you receive also hardware components such as CAN-interfaces and industrial PCs and control units.